AKA The Chakra Healing Experiential Exhibition Reboot (dare we call it Research Project)


How The Cheer Project came to be
Simply with Linda being Linda.
As serendipity would have it as Linda was studying for her 200 hour yoga teacher certification she found herself curious about the yogic energy system referred to as Chakras. She learned that there are colors, sound tones, stones and scents that are related to each individual  energy center, and are said to have their own vibrational frequencies. These frequencies are said to have a healing affect on area specific functions of our body, mind and spirit.
This got Linda wondering what would it be like to be surrounded in a room by monochromatically themed paintings / mixed media, accompanied by tones scents,and stones. She visualized how each room would be designed around one specific chakra. She wondered what would be the healing aspects of being in a series of rooms like this. How better to test this idea she thought than to explore it herself. And so “The Cheer Project” began.
Linda’s large body of paintings and mixed media highlight variations of hue, luminance, saturation, and vibrancy of single colors in paint with texture and mixed media. The intention is for the viewer to have a sense of being embedded in one color/sound/ scent theme per room. Prior to walking into the exhibit a visitor will be given a questionnaire. They are asked to do a “check in" with themselves by answering a few questions prior to entering the exhibit. As they progress through the exhibit there will be additional thoughts/meditations and questions  created for each specific room. The intention here is that the viewer takes the time to look within themselves and question how this environment is affecting them, noting their sense of well being, in body mind and spirit. There is a methodology of meditation driving this  study. Asking viewers to meditate on some questions while viewing, then sharing their insights is a strategy that truly engages the viewers on an introspective level. The responses of the audience to this experiential exhibition will be compiled and become part of ongoing and future exhibits. People who take the time to read how others responded in the past will be able to gain insights into their own lives. There is a goal to see if there is a correlation between how different demographics respond to the environment of being in The Cheer Project. So as you see this is a community and humanity driven healing art project. We all have challenges to overcome in life. We all live in an overstimulated world, and at times it can seem to be a very scary world. This exhibit is designed to be a meditative art experience to hopefully spread some healing and sense of peace and hopefully some personal insights along the way.


Chattering Mind_0744

Linda Enger

Founder & CEO

An artist and longtime explorer /researcher of  personal development and  natural healing modalities. Linda brings her varied interests to life with The Cheer Project. She is involved with all aspects of  this project.

When Linda is not involved with The Cheer Project she is busy with her professional photography, organic gardening, photographing what she grows against her paintings, creating new and interesting healthy recipes, keeping fit and working hard to keep her Chakras healthy through her personal practice and training, and helping care for her husband's 91 year old father ( which is never a dull moment with dementia and diabetes).

this image is both a response to the #metoo movement but also par tof the root chakra series as part of The Cheer Project


There will be  live events on location with The Cheer Project installations. Guest healers will lead small groups in varied modalities  through sound, movement, and meditation,including  joining  me in live tone bowl healing sessions.


Board of Advisors , Sponsors, Locations

At this time the project is looking for more help in making this project grow.

Next Steps...

If you have a location for this project, would like to be one of the sponsors of this project, be interested in being on the board of advisors, be interested in being one of the presenters, or in anyway want to help make this happen ..or just want to make sure you stay tuned to the development of this project...please contact us.