Chakra Themed Color Surrounding you

Step into one room after another filled with mixed media and paintings that are Chakra color themed.Linda’s large body of paintings and mixed media highlight variations of hue, luminance, saturation, and vibrancy and texture.

Healing tones from Crystal Tone Bowls

As part of the exhibition you are surrounded by healing sounds that have been recorded specifically for a particular Chakra room. There will also be live  meditative tone  bowl healing events.

Aroma Therapy

Within each Chakra room there is a scent that has been chosen or created to support the health and well being of that Chakra. The visitor will have the opportunity to enjoy that scent but will not be surrounded by it.

abstract green texture- heart Chakra

What is our intention for participant's experience

The intention is for the viewer to have a sense of being embedded in one color/sound/ scent theme per room. Prior to walking into the exhibit a visitor will be given a questionnaire. They are asked to do a “check in" with themselves by answering a few questions prior to entering the exhibit. As they progress through the exhibit there will be additional thoughts/meditations and questions on the questionnaire created for each specific room. The intention here is that the viewer takes the time to look within themselves and question how this environment is affecting them. Noting their sense of well being, in body mind and spirit. There is a methodology of meditation driving this  study. Asking viewers to meditate on some questions while viewing, then sharing their insights is a strategy that truly engages the viewers on an introspective level.

The responses of the audience to this experiential exhibition will be compiled and become reference for  future exhibits. We all can  gain insights into their own lives through other's sharing of their experiences. There is a goal to see if there is a correlation between how different demographics respond to the environment of being in The Cheer Project. So as you see this is a community and humanity driven healing art project. We all have challenges to overcome in life. We all live in an overstimulated world, and at times it can seem to be a very scary world. This exhibit is designed to be a meditative art experience to hopefully spread some healing and sense of peace and hopefully some personal insights along the way.

We need your help


This is a project that needs locations, sponsors, and support team to make it happen. I have been planting seeds in my paint, my essential oils, my playing my tone bowls... and my personal healing practice. This is not just about putting up paintings in hopes to pay my visa bills and get acknowledgement ( although that is nice too) . This is about creating an environment  that is capable of traveling and living in both museums and corporate spaces.




red root_chakra-2065

Yes, this is when I say ... please can you help me?

Please let me know how you can help support and make this project come to fruition. The Chakra Healing Experiential Exhibition Reboot Project wants to find its physical place in the world. It is designed to be nomadic.... but it is not designed to live alone.

Thank you !

Linda Enger