#metoo and Chakra healing

As The Cheer Project evolves … and as  #metoo keeps showing up, I accept the fact that I do not live in a bubble. I have been told by several highly spiritual people that I am a very empathic person. With that said I am aware of how much personal healing I have attempted to do while working on The Cheer Project… as well as how much the world as a whole needs so much healing. The color red – root chakra is one of the hardest colors for me to work with.WHY?  Recently  as I was working on this color I became highly aware of all the pain I held inside of me for all the women in the world as they as they wrote  #metoo on their social posts, spinning off from the dark hole of news  pertaining to the  Harvey Weinstein  sexual predator/Hollywood powerbroker scandal.I need to look past the issues I have with red and see all the beauty at the base chakra to heal all my other chakras.Wondering how other people feel about red in their lives. 

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